Blue Wall Theatre Company - A cast recording with a difference

Blue Wall Theatre Company have come up with a novel way of creating a cast recording of songs from At The End Of The Day, by recording them (both audio and video), not in the studio, but out and about all over County Donegal.

Because of restrictions due to COVID-19, the cast have not been able to get together to rehearse, and rehearsing over platforms such as Zoom, especially for faster songs, leave a lot to be desired because of timing issues over the Internet.

By bringing the recording equipment from the studio to the field, recording the artists separately in outdoor settings solves many problems caused by COVID restrictions, such as, not being able to meet indoors, and social distancing.

An added bonus is that each track can be recorded at any location, whether in a garden, on a beach, or up a mountain. This also gives the producers a lot of scope, and they intend to add to the recordings by using other musicians, instruments and locations.

If you would like to contribute to the project, please contact Leslie on 087-2538273.

At The End Of The Day, is a new musical based in South-West Donegal, and provides a look at life in Donegal during the early 1800s. The plot mainly follows the relationship of Matthew Lyons, played by Adam Hannigan, and Nuala Green, played Shauna Scanlon, from the time they first meet, to the time they become engaged to be married, and also the events leading up to their meeting, including the Bruckless drownings, and the economic conditions of the time.

The musical is set in times when the norm is for two sets of parents to get together in order to arrange a 'match' between their son and daughter. Matthew, from Teelin, and Nuala from Arranmore Island, in what might be considered to be a long distance relationship in the 1820s, make their own match, by falling in love.

When Matthew proposes to Nuala, the answer is undoubtedly 'yes', but there is a clause - Nuala wants to get her parents' blessing first. Matthew is anxious to know if their blessing is given, so Nuala arranges to light a bonfire, if the answer is positive, on a hill near her home, on Arranmore Island. Matthew will be able to see the bonfire from Glen Head, near his home.

They make their arrangements for the following day, at the end of the day, that is, after dusk. Will Matthew see the bonfire in the distance, and therefore know what their future will be?

At The End Of The Day premiered in the Balor Arts Centre, Ballybofey, in March, 2018, and two new songs and two new scenes were added for the productions in October, 2019.